Why a Food Tour?

Posted on October 3, 2017 |

I’m heading on vacation and looking to see what there is to do in a town or city. I see that there is a food tour. Should I spend my money on a food tour when there are other tours to take. Well my answer is yes. There are several reasons to take a food tour and here are my top 8 reasons.

1. A food tour gives you a chance to truly experience a town through foods. What a better way than to taste the local cuisines.
2. It gives you a starting place of where to eat in the town/city that you are going to. Have you ever wondered, “Where do we eat in this town?” Well, after taking a tour, you will now have some idea where to go.
3. You get to sample the local foods. For example, when on a New Mexico food tour, we sampled some of the best true Mexican foods. ( not Tex-Mex) We have also experienced foods that are only found in the area we are visiting.
4. Sometimes, you get to meet the chefs or go behind the scenes of a restaurant. I have met several award winning chefs on food tours which I probably wouldn’t have if I had just eaten at the restaurant.
5. You learn the history and stories on a tour that makes a town unique. Sometimes you hear the stories that even the locals don’t know.
6. You get to see the architectures of a place. Some buildings are even off the beaten path, which I find fascinating. I love looking at old building and learn what makes them unique.
7. You meet some of the coolest people on the tours. If you are lucky, you might get with a group of people from all over the country. I just did a tour in Seattle and there were people from Florida, Michigan, Texas, Washington, Idaho and us, from Georgia. This was a fun group to spend 3 hours with.
8. Last, food tours are a good value for your money. Most tours are either an architectural tour or a historical tour. With a food tour, you get history, architecture, culture and of course, food. What you pay for a tour without food is about the same as that with food. So why not add the food!!!

So next time you are in a town/city, check to see if there is a food tour. I don’t think you will be sorry. I never have been!

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