Paxton House/Taste Of Thomasville AfterHours Getaway Package

Duration: Overnight

Location: Thomasville



Call ahead to see availability for tour and/or Paxton House
GetAway may not be able to be used during peak season.
No AfterHours Tour in December.

Taste of Thomasville and Paxton House Bed and Breakfast have bundled a package for that great getaway weekend.

  • Two tickets for Taste of Thomasville AfterHours
  • Early Check-in at the Paxton House
  • Easy walk to Downtown Thomasville
  • Beverage and snacks at the Paxton House.
  • Full breakfast for Sunday.

What to Expect

Guest can stay in the award winning Paxton House B&B, built in 1884.  The Paxton House is an easy walk to downtown, and the starting place to Taste OF Thomasville AfterHours. When you book the getaway package, you will receive 2 Taste of Thomasville AfterHours tickets, early checkin, beverages and snacks, and breakfast Sunday morning.

Please note:

Please call for availability of The Paxton House

If less than 4 book the AfterHours Tour, it will be cancelled.

Call 229-227-7585 to set up the Getaway package.


The stops will be the same as on Taste of Thomasville AfterHours Tour

Paxton House

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