Taste of Thomasville Food Tour

Adults $40.00: children under 12 $35.00+ handling

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours

Downtown Thomasville


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance.  Tours often sell out so we suggest purchasing your tickets early to guarantee your desired tour day.  You can buy your tickets either online or by phone through EZ Tix with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

How much food is served?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-We will have tastings at 6  locations and most guests consider taking the tour to be their lunch for the day.

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours- We will have tastings at 5 locations and most guest consider taking the tour to be their dinner for the night.

Are there beverages included?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-No, beverages will not be served, but bottle water will be provided for you before the tour starts.

Taste Of Thomasville AfterHours- Yes, at each stop a 3-4 oz. alcohol beverage is served.  Water is also provided at the beginning of the tour.

Can children participate in the tour? What type of ticket do I need to purchase for a young child?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-While children are welcomed on the tour, please keep in mind that tours are 3 hours long and we walk approximately 1.4 miles.  Some children have a limited attention span, therefore the tour may not be appropriate for your child.  All children 5 years and older are required to have a ticket.  Children 4 years and under can attend free but they will not be  participating in the food tasting, but please let us know if you will be bringing your children when purchasing tickets

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours- Because of the drinking on this tour, we restrict this tour for 18 year olds and up.  ID’s will be checked at the beginning of the tour to determine if a guest is of age to drink.

How much walking is involved?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-The tour covers approximately 1.2 miles over a 3 hour period on flat sidewalks. We walk at a relaxed pace and stop frequently, including spending approximately 15-20 at each of the designed tasting spots.

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours- The tour is less than a mile in total walking.  Guest will spend between 15-25 minutes at each tasting spot.

What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Both Tours-We can usually accommodate for dietary restrictions and those with food allergies. Please let us know of an dietary restrictions when booking.

Do we only walk around and sample foods?

Both Tours-This tour not only showcases the delicacies of  Thomasville, but you will also get the insider scoop of local life! Learn the history, architecture, and culture of Thomasville. We will also highlight local shops that you can return to after the tour is over at your leisure.

Are bathrooms available along the tour route?

Both Tours-Yes, restrooms are available at a few restaurant stops along the way.  There is also a restroom at the Downtown Thomasville Visitor’s center across the street from the starting point.  Please note that the restroom  may not be wheelchair accessible, but we may be able to arrange an accessible bathroom stop if necessary.

Is the tour wheelchair and stroller accessible ?

Both Tours-Yes! The tour route is wheelchair and stroller accessible.  We would appreciate it if you include a message with the purchase to let us know that you’ll be using a wheelchair or coming with a stroller.

Are cameras allowed?

Both tours-Yes, there is so much to see during the tour and it would be absolutely worth it to bring a camera.

Does the tour end at the starting place?

Our tour ends very close to the starting point.  Your tour guide will be more than happy to point you in the direction of the starting point or to your next destination.

Does the tour have anything to offer a local?

Absolutely! Whether you are looking for a way to entertain out-of-town guest, planning a bachorette party, or just learn more about Thomasville, this is the tour for you! You’ll be surprised how much you will learn about your own backyard on this tour.

Is there parking available near the meeting location?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-Yes, there are two large parking lots near the starting location.  You can also park along the street parking spaces.  Please read the signs when looking for parking to avoid being ticketed.  Specific parking will be included in the meeting location directions after purchasing tickets.

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours- The tour does not start at the same place that it ends.  We recommend that you park at Bacchus, which is at the end of the tour and walk to Liam’s.  Or guest can park downtown, which is a half way point.

Are gratuities included in the ticket price? Does the tour guide accept gratuities

Gratuities are not included in the ticket price.  While not required, gratuities are accepted and appreciated by your tour guide. (15% is standard for a job well done)

Can I shop during the tour?

While we will be pointing out local points of interest and shops, we ask that you refrain from shopping during the tour.  It is important that we stay on time so our food vendors know when to expect and when to prepare your tasting.

Are dogs/pets allowed on the tour?

Since we are entering various food establishments, and as a courtesy to the other guest on the tour, all pets, with the exception of trained service dogs, are prohibited on the tour.

Is smoking allowed on the tour?

No smoking is allowed in the tour group.  If you have a need to smoke during the tour, please separate yourself from the group as to not disturb other guests and catch up with the group when you have finished.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes! Gift certificates are available for purchase on our website.  If you have any questions about purchasing or redeeming gift certificates, please click on the “Gift Certificate” at the bottom of the home page.

Can I book a private group tour?

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour-Yes! Private tours for groups up to 20 people are available. Groups will be split up into groups of 10 to stay within the maximum capacity. Wednesday and Thursday are premium time to book private tours. To inquire about booking a private tour, please click on ” Private tours” at the bottom of the home page.

Taste of Thomasville AfterHours- Since this tour is only once a week, to book it as a private you must call or email to close the tour to the public.  To make the tour private, the group must guarantee at least 8 guest on the tour.