Taste of Thomasville Food Tour

Adults $40.00: children under 12 $35.00+ handling

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Taste of Thomasville Food Tour Beginning

Taste of Thomasville was dreamed up by Debra Smith, a retired Thomasville City School System teacher.  Debra taught in Thomasville for 30 years and considers Thomasville as a second home.  Though she lives in nearby Cairo, she loves dining and strolling the streets whenever possible.

After being retired for a year, Debra decided it was time to begin a new adventure in her life.  She and her husband, had been on a food tour in Charleston, SC and thought it was the highlight of their trip.  Debra loved tasting the foods, learning the local history and seeing the unique architect.  She began thinking about a food tour in Thomasville.  She felt Thomasville had some of the same qualities as Charleston, but on a smaller scale.  So she started researching how to start a food tour.  She came across Food Tour Pros, a school in Chicago that taught you how to start a tour from the beginning.  She talked to the owner of the school and he had four questions to ask: Does Thomasville have history, culture, architect and good food?  The answer was yes to all the questions.  Taste of Thomasville Food Tour started becoming a dream.

Debra’s friend, Debbie Godbehere, was also interested in a new adventure.  Debra and Debbie headed out to Chicago to learn how to organize a successful and interesting food tour.   The two have put together a tour of Thomasville, which will entice your appetite for the local food and the local history.  You will taste award winning foods that make eating in Thomasville an exciting experience that you will want to come back to.  You will also learn what made Thomasville the resort town of the rich and famous during the Victorian Era.  You will see some of the homes, churches, and businesses that go back over 100 years.  And you will hear some of the local stories that make Thomasville such a fun town to visit.  Debra and Debbie want visitors and locals to know why Thomasville is “Worth the Trip”




Executive Team

Debra Smith


Debra Smith retired from the Thomasville City School System after teaching special education for 30 years. Though she lives in nearby Cairo, she has a great love for the town that she calls her second home. She was looking for a new adventure in life and felt a food tour would work into her retired life. She loves meeting people and wants to show off what makes Thomasville "worth the trip".

Debbie Godbehere

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